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Our Team.

Zipline Green has always been committed to using creative solutions to tackle major problems and empower people to be self-reliant. Our aim is to use business as a force for good, benefiting both our clients and team members. By providing necessary resources and infrastructure, we believe that individuals and countries can overcome limitations and unlock opportunities for success.

Pete - ZPG Website blue charlie_edited.jpg

Pete Diebel

President & CEO                     

Mack - ZPG Website green.png

Scott McAfee

Chief Technology Officer

ben zeev 3.png

Ron Ben-Zeev

Chief Operating Officer

RDH - ZPG Website blue.png

Ron Hendrickson

Chief Investment Officer

jenee blue.png

Jenee Arthur

Chief Communications Officer

Durkee - ZPG Website light yellow.png

Tom Durkee

Interim Chief   Financial Officer

We Provide an Inclusive Workspace
for our Team Members 

Our ethos is centered around creating an inclusive workspace that supports the whole person of our team members. This includes financial independence, work-life integration, celebrating uniqueness and shared similarities, and opportunities to give back. We believe that individuals are the foundation of our endeavors and we strive to empower our team members to achieve financial independence and prosperity through top-notch work resources, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering support.

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