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Benefits & Value Proposition
of Zipline Green's Solution

Zipline Green International holds the belief that business can wield a positive influence. Consequently, we regard economic development, entrepreneurship, and reinvestment as integral components crucial to the success of our client communities.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

Integrated infrastructure solution that fully supports the economic development of our client communities.

  • Surplus Power Sales

  • Carbon Credits Sales

  • Passenger Transportation

  • Cargo/Freight Hauling

  • Pipeline Transport - LNG, LPG, Water,

  • Mining Slurry

  • Electricity Transmission and Distribution

  • Data Transmission

  • Mini/Micro Grids

  • Rain Water Collection, Filtration                        & Distribution

  • Cellular Telecom Network Expansion

  • Solid Materials Conveyor Transport

  • Rail Station Retail Space Rental & Parking

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Advertising and Station Naming

  • Dedicated Special Purpose Spurs/Extensions

  • Resilience, Safety & Security

Charitable Investments

For every project, Zipline Green International establishes an endowment within the Zipline Green Foundation. The returns generated from this investment are subsequently allocated for charitable purposes within the client communities where the project is underway. These endowments are designed to ensure the sustained continuation of our philanthropic efforts.

Entrepreneurial Re-Investment

Zipline Green is committed to reinvesting a significant portion, up to 23%, of its project profits into entrepreneurial ventures within our client communities.

As an illustration, in Malawi, where 85% of the population is engaged in subsistence farming, we plan to introduce vertical farming with the aid of our reinvested funds, job training initiatives, and collaboration with local partners.

Job Creation & Skill Development

The implementation and maintenance of our comprehensive infrastructure projects will generate numerous employment opportunities in Client Countries. A crucial distinction between Zipline Green and Chinese government-sponsored projects in the region is our dedication to enhancing the skillsets of the workforces in our client communities.

To bolster this job expansion and support the construction, operation, and maintenance of the rail system, ZGI will initiate and financially back vocational education programs. These programs will empower our local team members to enhance their skills for both present and future needs.

Integrated Logistics Support

ZGI further supports trade and economic development by constructing distribution centers to:

  • Reduce freight bottle necks and enhance port throughput

  • Allow for direct ship-to-rail loading and unloading of containers to rail for handling outside of the port facilities 

  • Support consolidation, containerizing and documentation for export

  • Support off-port customs and tariff processing for the US and EU markets

  • To provide “net zero” climate-controlled storage and distribution

  • Support distribution using electric vehicles recharged at ZGI vehicle recharging stations 

These facilities are powered by surplus power generated by the Guideway as well as site-specific renewable energy.


Sustainable & Renewable Materials

Mixing toxic by-product materials with appropriate geopolymer compounds creates a non-toxic, concrete enhancing/replacement substances which is:

  • Stronger and lighter than traditional concrete

  • Non-porous, Waterproof and Fireproof

  • Environmentally safe and locally produced

  • Worked in the same manner as concrete, but can also be extruded or 3D Printed

Public Convenience & Facilities

ZGI constructs public service facilities along routes as appropriate to provide:

  • Parking

  • Electric vehicle recharging stations

  • Self-cleaning public toilets

  • Street/Road lighting

  • Wi-Fi hotspots and device recharging facilities

  • TV monitors streaming news and weather 

  • Electric billboards

  • Retail and Restaurant space in stations

Future potential to expand such enhancements in support of evolving technology and location needs

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