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Components of Zipline Green's Integrated Infrastructure & Transportation Solution

Elevated Guideway

The picture to the left shows the dual monorail guideways used by Disney at their Florida property. The Oasis Guideway System is a more comprehensive structure, housing a flexible combinations of infrastructure and transportation components, including renewable power generation. It is operated by a single, cloud-based, digital control system.

Default_A_monorail_train_running_in_the_foreground_with_Distan_3 (1).jpg

Advanced Monorail

The Greenline Monorail stands as the world's most efficient electric train, with the capability to transport passengers and freight at speeds reaching up to 100 mph (160 kph). It offers various configurations, including monorail and semi-maglev variants. The cargo trains are equipped to carry payloads up to 25 metric tonnes, with a maximum weight capacity for 40' cargo containers.

Power Resiliency Systems

The Oasis Guideway System utilizes renewable power generation alongside a sophisticated battery management system, enabling it not only to sustain regular operations but also to provide excess power that can be fed into the power grid of our client community.

In times of disaster, the integrated resilience systems ensure that Oasis can continue to operate even when other services are experiencing blackouts.

Smart Grid

Smart Grids

  • Function through Multiple Point Failure

  • Dynamic Design Ensures Continuous Power

  • Guideway Grid Can Connected to National Grid

  • Battery Storage Located Inside Guideway

  • Distributed Power Generation & Battery Storage

Telecom & Data

Data transfer technology, which can be 4G/5G (system agnostic), and transmitted by fibre optic/standard cable. Cost effective expansion of wifi connectivity for our client communities.


The Guideway houses pipelines capable of transporting various fluids, gases, and mining slurries. Our exclusive containment system guarantees that any leaks are confined and stored within the Guideway, all monitored and controlled through our cloud-based, digital management system.

Enclosed Conveyors

Efficiently transporting mining materials is crucial for numerous client communities in the developing world. Instead of using rail cars for the raw ore, we opt for the transportation method of either enclosed conveyor belts or mining slurry through our pipelines.

Water Reclamation

The Guideway incorporates a rainwater collection system, directing the gathered rainwater to cisterns located beneath the structure. Leveraging World Housing Solution's containerized water treatment technologies, we have the capability to convert grey water into potable water.

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