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Global Footprint

Zipline Green International partners with local companies to design, build, and operate our projects. At this time, we have Memorandums of Understanding with the governments of Malawi and Mozambique for a combined total of nearly 5,000 kilometers of Guideway.

Zipline Green International has also entered into an

agreement with Caribbean International Commerce Holdings

on the first of many "smart" cities in Nigeria.

For more information, click HERE.

Understanding the image to the left:

  • Projects (gold) are locations where ZGI has agreements for projects to be started in 2024.

  • Partnerships (green) are locations where we have set up joint ventures.

  • Prospects (teal): Locations where we have had meetings with government representatives regarding projects.

In order to facilitate the global operations infrastructure necessary to create successful projects, Zipline Green International has set up a network of companies.

We have joint venture companies in Canada,

the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Florida, Malawi,

Mexico, and Mozambique.

Global Footprint

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