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ZPG Ghana

ZPG Ghana is based in Accra, Ghana and serves as our strategic partner in the ECOWAS region (Economic Community of West African States).  


We have been working for over two years with ZPG Ghana, including over thirty weeks spent in the country, analyzing and negotiating for the project.  At this time, we are confident that we will soon be able to announce that we will be building in the three biggest cities: Kumasi, Accra, and Takoradi and connecting these cities with express runs for passengers and cargo.  


In addition, we will be running pipelines within our Guideway System to support the Bauxite industry.  


This project is privately funded and will create over 200,000 new jobs in Ghana!

2021-0616 -- Logo - ZPG Ghana - 2point0.png
2018-1213 -- Ghana Project Map - Drawing
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