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Infrastructure plays a critical role in the development, growth, and sustainability of developing and developed economies alike.  Regardless of the degree of economic development, prioritizing needs, escalating costs, and securing requisite funding for infrastructure development represent universal challenges.  Every community yearns to have clean water to drink; reliable electricity so children can read, parents can cook and homes can be warmed or cooled, and the connectivity and mobility to ensure that regardless of where they live or work, people can remain connected to their extended families, friends, and communities.

Developing and more developed economies alike are often forced into
prioritizing needs between water, electricity, connectivity, and
transportation because infrastructure is generally developed one
element at a time.  This approach has been perpetuated by
governmental agencies and commercial entities structured to focus
upon their respective target area and exacerbated by the need to
deliver something at the expense of delaying everything.

There must be a better way

There must be a way to reduce overall costs while improving collective
efficiency.  There must be a way to develop industrial-age infrastructure
in a manner consistent with the environmental awareness mandated by
the information age.

There IS a Better Way.


The Zipline Green solution has significantly evolved from an energy-neutral train.  Our “eureka” moment occurred when we realized the power of integrating multiple elements into a single comprehensive, renewably powered, integrated infrastructure and transportation system.

By incorporating the proven and patented technologies necessary for developing and expanding strong economies--power; transportation of people, cargo and the movement of resources; communication facilitation; and water where needed--our Oasis Guideway System™ (OGS) was born.


By integrating multiple infrastructure elements, Zipline Green has created a robust solution that can meet the specific needs of our client communities in a manner centered around our four Pillars of Purpose:

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