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Peter H. Diebel

President & Chairman, Zipline Green Holdings
President, Zipline Green

Peter H. Diebel is a problem solver who has maintained this as an unofficial job description for nearly 20 years spanning multiple companies and industries from startups to members of the Fortune 50.  Pete has provided an external perspective and devised successful interventions for challenges in the areas of operations, performance management, human resources, and project management.


As President of Zipline Green, Pete is the face of the organization and leads the continued evolution of our integrated infrastructure solution.


Mr. Diebel also serves as Director, Solutions for Zipline Partner Group (ZPG) companies in Canada, Florida, Ghana, Malawi and Mexico.

Jeffrey G. Soper, Ph.D.

EVP & Vice Chairman, Zipline Green Holdings
President, ZPG International

Jeffrey G. Soper, Ph.D. is the co-creator of the Oasis Guideway™.  He has more than 40 years of experience in operations, performance improvement, sales and marketing, and possesses proven technology development leadership. 


Jeff is a sought-after advisor to CEOs and management teams worldwide.  He has helped individuals, teams, organizations, and entrepreneurs achieve the results they desire, transforming high potential into high performance. 


Dr. Soper has held faculty positions at Penn State University, The University of Tampa, S.P. Jain Center for Management in Dubai and Singapore, and the Swiss-based Montreux School of Business.

Dr. Soper also serves as Director, Operations for Zipline Partner Group (ZPG) companies in Canada, Florida, Ghana, Malawi and Mexico.

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