Mr. Diebel has over 20 years of experience working internally and externally with companies of all sizes and multiple industries, across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. His career has been focused on innovation, change, solution creation, and the management of those processes. Pete leads the overall enterprise, interacts with external communities and government entities, and drives the continued innovation of our product offerings.  Mr. Diebel serves as President & Chairman of Zipline Green Holdings and President of Zipline Green, Inc.


Executive Vice President

DDr. Soper’s career spans more than four decades and has allowed him to work on every continent (except Antarctica) and in a variety of industries. He has experience in leading large-scale software development teams and has worked on major infrastructure projects. Jeffrey oversees all marketing, sales and operations for the company, including interactions with our partner companies, and will provide overall management of our integrated infrastructure projects.  Dr. Soper serves as Executive Vice President & Vice Chairman of Zipline Green Holdings, Executive Vice President of Zipline Green, Inc. and President of ZPG International.


Withum, Smith & Brown, PC

Mr. Durkee is a partner specializing in financial accounting, audit, tax and litigation support services. Additionally, he has direct experience and expertise in the construction, manufacturing and real estate industries which directly supports Zipline Green efforts and was a founding partner of Averett Warmus Durkee which was acquired by Withum, Smith & Brown in January 2016. He will serve as the contract CFO and his firm will provide the full range of accounting support services for Zipline Green for the foreseeable future.  The Chief Financial Officer is a member of senior leadership team of Zipline Green Holdings and oversees the Finance and Accounting activities across the organization.


Vice President, Project Management & Commissioning

Mr. Alawar has a proven multi-discipline track record in managing medium and large-scale projects within well-known multi-national engineering and construction companies.  He specializes in the commissioning of electric power generation facilities utilizing thermal, solar, hydro, or oil and gas generation.  Charif has 33 years of diversified experience in the management, direct supervision and hands-on execution of all phases of projects from initial design through commissioning and delivery.  Mr. Charif Alawar is a member of the leadership team of ZPG International.


Vice President, Workforce Development

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Daou has worked in adult and workplace education. She has successfully performed in a variety of positions at academic institutions, business entities, humanitarian, and government and intergovernmental organizations, including most recently as Head, Management, Leadership, Communication and Innovation Unit for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Suha and her team design, develop and implement project training programs, including the training of local instructors in our client communities.  Additionally, Dr. Daou provides internal and external individual, team and organizational coaching as required.  Dr. Daou is a member on the leadership team of ZPG International.


Vice President, Technology

Mr. McAfee is an experienced Information Technology leader who has found success working in the information technology and services industry with SaaS, Hybrid and traditional infrastructures. He brings over 20 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Management, Management, Linux Server, Business Intelligence, and IT Operations. Strong information technology strategist. Scott oversees the non-guideway technology for the entire organization. Mr. McAfee is a member of the leadership team of Zipline Green, Inc.


Regional Director, West Africa

Richard’s background is mainly in risk management and had brief stints with Norwich Union, Aon, and Miller Insurance Group. He founded and run a risk management consultancy for 3 years and excited to launch a Corporate Finance & Boutique Advisory Consultancy first in the UK but now focused on African Emerging Markets with offices in Accra, Johannesburg, and Lagos.


Regional Director, Southeast Africa

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